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As we also informed on the homepage at our site that Indonesia as the 4th most populous country in the world (in 2018) has many advantages and achievements that can also be marketed to the world starting from its culture, population, agricultural products, non-agricultural products, and others.

Our company also continues to study and also opens to a new opportunities and new partnerships for partners interested in finding products of Indonesia (especially agricultural products and marine products) or also to market their products to Indonesia in accordance and must comply with the law and the law stipulated from the Republic of Indonesia.

If you are interested in exploring this partnership, please fill out the partnership form as detailed below and we will study and will give you news of its progress.

PT New Telaga Niaga

Podomoro City Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade B/8DH
Jl S. Parman, Jakarta Barat 11470 – Indonesia
Kawasan Industri Griya Idola – Jl Raya Serang, Bitung - Tangerang
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