About Us


Miles away from home
The spirit and desire first appeared in 2008, at that time around the end of the year where the rainy season is taking place in Indonesia. From 2008 to 2013, as a private, we travel a lot to various places in different parts of Indonesia where we want to see places and scenery in the area.

There is a fact that we did not expect to find natural scenery and scenery of a very beautiful maritime aspect of Indonesia that brought us to admire Indonesia. As time goes by, our spirits increased and so did our dreams to keep a smile on the faces of the farmers and fishermen.

Our Love

Our love for different types of food and beverage is more than our love for the food itself where we are delighted to find that food products can bring happiness to a person's life, a shining eye, a smiling face even more so if the person is valuable in our lives.

Our curiosity for knowing the raw material/ingredients of a food and beverage product that we enjoy to the unique form of cocoa beans, coconut powder, various colors and shapes of the fish, the smell of coffee powder, the unique process of luwak coffee brings our love of food and drink beyond the sense of awe.

Less but not least, is our love for Indonesia - a country that has abundant agricultural and maritime products, a smile from farmers, ra fishermen, and also the need to produce more quality food products eventually led us to a point of establishing PT New Telaga Niaga which operates as trading and distributor with business base in food and beverage industry field; some examples such as: coffee powder, civet coffee, cocoa powder, and dry coconut powder.