Your New TogetherNess Partner

PT New Telaga Niaga was established to be a supplier that linking the increasing demand of food & beverages from Indonesia and Indonesian finished products in foreign markets. Indonesia as the fourth largest population is known as a producer of commodities such as coffee beans, cocoa beans, oil palm, pineapple and many more.

Located in the country of origin as one of the largest commodity producing countries, PT New Telaga Niaga works directly and selectively with an extensive network of Indonesian producers who can provide high quality ingredients or finished food & beverage products to customers at a competitive level and flexibility in exporting to foreign countries.

PT New Telaga Niaga also opens the opportunity to collaborate selectively in supplying food raw materials or finished food & beverage products to the market in Indonesia. This relates to our mission to be a reliable supplier that supplies high quality food & beverage raw materials and food & beverage products.